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APS MP205-HS M1011014916 mini thermal printers.

Ultra compact design - 2 inches paper width - No loose wiring (a single flex-cable houses all wiring) - Ergonomic design (centered paper path allows uniform and aesthetic housing design) - High reliability in an extremely small size - Prints high quality characters at speed up to 90 mm/s - Low cost - Double opto available - Other FPCs available

Fiscal printers
Medical equipments
Portable printers and terminals
Hand held terminals
Measuring Instruments and Analysers
Data terminal devices
Taxi meters
Cash register
Weighing machines and Scales
Digital tachometers
Printing method: Thermal
Number of dots: 384
Resolution (dots/mm): 8
Printing width (mm): 48
Paper width (mm): 58
Max. paper thickness (um): 80
Paper loading: Automatic
Printing speed (mm/s): 90
Paper detection: Opto sensor
Temperature detection: Thermistor
Head-up or Cover-open detection: Not available
Voltage range (Logic/Head): 2.7-5.25 / 4.5-8.5
Dot resistance (Ohm): 176 ± 4%
Energy per dot (mJ): 0.13
Stepper motor (Ohm): Bipolar (12)
Weight (g): 40
Life/reliability: 50km/100M pulses
Operating temperature (C): 0 to 50 non cond.
Operating humidity (%): 20 to 85 non cond.
Dimensions (WxDxH mm): 68.5x41x15

Qty 1,000

BL Part# E0068