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Amsco Reliance 333 washer disinfector


For automated cleaning, thermal disinfection, and drying of reusable general surgical instruments prior to sterilization in outpatient/same-day surgery departments, surgical centers, and ambulatory care centers. A wide variety of surgical instrumentation and containers may safely be processed in the Amsco Reliance 333 including: reusable, general surgical instruments, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) rigid instruments, and microsurgical instruments.

The Reliance 333 Washer/Disinfector is a single-door, counter height washer/disinfector, designed for installation under-counter or as a freestanding unit (with accessory panels).

The standard pull-down door facilitates loading of the unit. An optional load lifting door is available to adjust the door height to countertop level for ergonomic ease of loading or unloading. The washer/disinfector features state-of-the-art microcomputer control, with user-friendly operator interface.

A printer can be installed to record and monitor cycles and cycle parameters.

Every cycle is comprised of several unique cleaning applications designed to maximize cleaning efficiency and deliver thermally disinfected instruments safely to operators. The Reliance 333 is pre-programmed with the following applications:

• Cold water pre-wash
• Enzyme wash utilizing a pulsed spraying pattern for effective protein removal
• Neutral detergent wash with bi-directional spray arms on top and bottom of each load level
• Thorough rinsing of instruments
• Guaranteed thermal disinfection rinse at minimum 180° F for 1 minute
• Instrument lubricant added during thermal rinse
• HEPA Filter drying of complete load

These applications are pre-programmed into three cycles (Instrument 1, Micro Instrument 2, MIS 3) and are fully selective in three additional cycles (Cycle 4, Cycle 5, Cycle 6).

All six pre-programmed cycles have minimal factory-set values, to ensure cleaning and guarantee low-level disinfection of loads.

This unit is 7 years old in good condition.
Please contact us with any questions you may have at (514) 583-8849 or
BL Part# MD0006