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The Clairion Solution

Clairion Programmable thermostats incorporate an exclusive "Save" display which indicates the percentage savings associated with any selected program. This takes the guesswork out of the way for the consumer allowing them to easily compare various program options and choose the ideal settings to maximize their savings. The Clairion thermostats also are equipped with all of the convenience and programming flexibility features which allow them to bear the Energy Star logo.

THC-2000 Programmable Thermostat with "Save" display Heat/Cool

• One stage heat and one stage cool
• 5-1-1 programs (Mo-Fr, Sa, Su)
• 4 time & temperature settings for each program
• Heat and Cool set-points for each program
• EEPROM program storage
• Temp. range 32 - 99 degrees Fahrenheit/0 - 40 degrees Celsius
• Temp display in Fahrenheit or Celsius
• Temporary and permanent program override
• LCD backlighting
• Adjustable check filter and energy usage interval times
• Filter and energy usage counters
• Short cycle protection
• Adjustable temperature control span
• Defrost function
• Power: 2 AA alkaline batteries with low battery indicator

QTY 400 units available

BL Part# E0050