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Harmonic DiviCom Ion Multichannel MPEG-2 Encoder ION-4-ASI w/ 4 Digital or Baseband input

Product Description

As the all-digital service becomes a reality, service providers must balance the increasing demand for high quality digital video services with the mandate to control costs. With more advanced features than other encoders in its class, Harmonic's DiviCom Ion multichannelMPEG-2 encoder is designed to cost-effectively address critical deployment and operational issues. Ion can incorporate up to four high-quality encoders and ten stereo audio pairs in a single rack-unit (1-RU) chassis that is managed through a simple and intuitive graphical user interface. Using Ion, service providers now have an ideal solution for expanding digital video services while minimizing capital and operating expenses. Supporting both constant and variable bit-rate (CBR and VBR) encoding, the DiviCom Ion enables operators to deploy a cost-effective digital television service. Using DiviTrackMX, statistical multiplexing technology based on Harmonic's industry-leading DiviTrack solution, the Ion delivers highly efficient VBR service without the need for any additional equipment—allowing operators to build architectures based on their needs, not budget constraints. Channels within the Ion can share the overall encoder output, dynamically consuming bandwidth based upon the complexity requirements of each channel. By reducing the cost per channel without sacrificing compression efficiency, Ion is well suited for a range of applications within the cable, telco and ATSC environments. These applications include digitizing the analog tier, digitizing and distributing local content and distributing analog services in digital format to remote locations, in addition to enabling the video, voice and data triple play.

Benefits of the DiviCom Ion

•Built-in VBR statistical multiplexing – Ion with DiviTrackMX enables a multichannel, closed-loop statistical multiplex within the chassis; no external multiplexer is required. This optional feature improves efficiency by 10-15% versus the same channels encoded in CBR, increasing video quality and overall channel capacity of the digital video service offering.

•High -value performance - Ion delivers twelve broadcast-quality channels in a single 256 QAM. Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering (MCTF) improves compression by removing random noise while maintaining image sharpness, and Look Ahead multi-passanalysis determines the complexity of each video frame in advance and adjusts the compression accordingly. Ion also offers unique capabilities for improving the quality of poor analog signals.

•Space and energy efficiency - Supporting up to four video and ten stereo channels in a 1 RU chassis, Ion's compact footprint conserves valuable rack space. Low power consumption improves cooling efficiency and reduces utility bills.

•Flexibility - Ion accepts both analog and digital inputs and offers IP and ASI outputs, fitting seamlessly into virtually any operating environment.

•Support for all-IP infrastructure - Ion's native IP interface makes it easy to leverage the flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of all-IP video transport solutions.

•Ease of administration - Ion's easy-to-use Web based user interface simplifies installation and remote management.

BL Part # F0121