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IMC-16 Integrated Modulator Chassis

The IMC-16 Integrated Mini-Head End System consists of a 16-slot modular mounting chassis; up to 16 high quality SAW filtered modulators, a plug and play backplane, an integrated 16 channel RF combiner, and a plug-in external universal 90-260V power supply. The internal chassis backplane connects power and all modulator outputs directly to the integrated 16-way combiner, thus eliminating any unnecessary cabling and potential external connection problems.

The IMC-16 chassis and IMC-F(A)* modulator system is designed for easy installation and occupies only three rack units, making for efficient use of available rack space. RCA connectors are placed on the rear panel for Video and Audio Inputs which allows for an easy connection to various devices using standard coaxial cable jumpers.

Features & Benefits:

• 16 slotted modulator cards with integrated 16:1 RF combiner and one output

• 25dBmV chassis output level

• True plug & play design: Modulators plug into chassis Backplane

• Eliminate external cables & connectors, greater reliability

• Low power consumption; 27W for 16 modulators

• Integrated combiner provides a minimum 35dB of isolation

• SAW filtering incorporated on IF for superior in band C/N

• Designed with output signal filtering for excellent adjacent channel performance


Please go to Spec sheet to view complete specs on this unit

BL Part # F0156