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APS MP105 90105001 mini thermal printers.

Ultra compact design (height only 13 mm and weight only 30 g) - 1 inch paper width - No loose wiring
(a single flex-cable houses all wiring) - Ergonomic design (centered paper path allows uniform and aesthetic housing design)
- High reliability in an extremely small size - Prints high quality characters at speed up to 80 mm/s - Foot print compatible with shuttle type.

Fiscal printers
Medical equipments
Portable printers and terminals
Hand held terminals
Measuring Instruments and Analysers
Data terminal devices
Taxi meters

Printing method: Thermal
Number of dots: 192
Resolution (dots/mm): 8
Printing width (mm): 24
Paper width (mm): 38
Max. paper thickness (um): 80
Paper loading: Automatic
Printing speed (mm/s): 80
Paper detection: Opto sensor
Temperature detection: Thermistor
Head-up or Cover-open detection: Not available
Voltage range (Logic/Head): 5 ± 5% / 4.2-8.5
Dot resistance (Ohm): 142 ± 4%
Energy per dot (mJ): 0.31
Stepper motor (Ohm): Bipolar (20)
Weight (g): 30
Life/reliability: 50km/100M pulses
Operating temperature (C): 0 to 50 non cond.
Operating humidity (%): 20 to 85 non cond.
Dimensions (WxDxH mm): 48x32x13.8

Qty 1,600+

BL Part# E0067