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PCT Series PCTMAB10201PN 1-Port RF Distribution Amplifier with 20dB Passive Return

The PCTMAB10201PN amplifier is designed to provide high quality amplification for in home transportation of signals.
• 1-Port
• 20dB forward gain
• Passive return
• IEEE 6 kV, B3 surge withstand on all RF ports.
• SCTE compliant, sealed "F" ports.
• Patented DSM seizure technology in all “F” ports provides increased spring retention and more surface contact.
• Gold-plated, beryllium copper construction for better corrosion resistance, impedance matching, and less common path distortion.
• Holds over 200 grams after multiple entries.
• Excellent noise and lowest distortions performance.

Qty 2,900+

BL Part# F0066