MotorCraft Number   Ford Dealer Boxed QTY SMP WELLS TOMCO
DPFE-2 F6PZ- 9J469 AA 96      
DPFE-12 F50Z- 9J460 AA 54 VP13 SU2021 10901
DPFE13 F3DZ- 9J460 BA 39 VP21 SU2292  
DPFE-14 F4CZ- 9J460 A 30 VP11 SU288 10907
DPFE-15 F4ZZ- 9J460 B  116 VP8 SU282  
    Below is MotorCraft Boxed        
    RT139 DP  Thermostats 710      
    RT1055DP 1450      
    Below is Bulk        
DPFE-5 F37Z- 9J460 A 44 VP12 SU2013 10908
White Boxes,The Motocraft number is on the Left,They all Interchange             
To The MotorCraft Numbers.            
BL Part# A0081