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RBS ACT 179 dual blower shrink. This is a used working unit.

• Dual Zone Shrink Tunnel with a 360 degree air delivery system for outstanding shrink performance.
• Dual display digital temperature controller for accurate temperature control to 410 degrees.
• Stainless Calrod heating elements 5,100 Watts
• Automatic shutdown cycle which cools down the shrink tunnel before turning off.
• The roller system is easily changed from live to dead rollers for use with different types of films.
• The conveyor uses sealed ball bearings and the conveyor chains run on steel tracks.
• Constructed from heavy gauge sheet metal
• 220V Three Phase, 16 Amps 60 Hz.

Package Size Maximum - 17" wide 9" high
Films All types of shrink films
Floor Area 31" wide 42" long

Package Size Maximum - 17” wide 9”high
Films All types of shrink films
Conveyor Drive D.C. Variable Speed
Blower Motors 1/15 H.P. A.C.
Heating Stainless Calrod 5,100 Watts
Voltage 208/220V Three Phase
16 Amps 60 Hz.
Floor Area 31” wide 42” long

BL Part# I0027