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RBS EM 2024 semi-automatic sealing machine. This is a used working unit.

• Semi-automatic "L" bar sealer designed to cycle at speeds up to 20 packages per minute.
• Includes discharge conveyor, magnetic hold down, perforator roller and floor stand with castors.
• Optional Teflon blind assembly.
• Optional powered film inverting head with ground level loading of the film roll.
• Sealing head is fully counterbalanced (no springs are used).
• Cushioning cylinder is used to stop the sealing head smoothly when the sealing cycle is ended.
• Temperature compensation circuit provides an accurate sealing temperature over a wide range of operating speeds.
• Film clamps ensure that each seal is the strongest possible.
• Sealing system is a low voltage impulse resistance .036 wire.
• Constructed from heavy gauge sheet metal, stainless steel loading tray.
• D.C. Variable Speed motors.
• 120/208 Single Phase, 3 wire, 10 Amps 60 Hz.
Package Size Maximum - 18" wide X 23" long
Film Maximum - 24"
Footprint 38" wide 63" long

Package Sizes: Maximum - 18” wide 23” length
Film Maximum - 24”
Drive(s) D.C. Variable Speed
Voltage 120/208 Single Phase 3 Wire 10 Amps 60 Hz.
Footprint 38” wide 63” long

BL Part# I0028