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9013FSG2J24M1            Quantity:  500 pcs.        Retail price:$30.61 each = $15,000.00
9013FSG2J24M4                         1,180 pcs.                       $27.00 each = $31,860.00
9013FSG2J2I                             1,500 pcs.                        $22.00 each = $33,000.00
9013FSG2J24                             6,780 pcs.                        $18.00 each = $122,040.00
9013FSG                                   1,050 pcs.                        $18.00 each = $18,900.00
                                      Total 11,010 pcs.                                 Total = $ 220,800.00

Agricultural/irrigation water systems
Commercial/Industrial water systems
Pool and Spa
Residential/Domestic water systems
Sump and Sewage.

THE MOST AFFORDABLE PUMP PROTECTION ON THE MARKET. Brand new, never used, in original package Square D water well pump pressure switch. If water pressure drops below 30, safety switch will trip and shut off power to pump. Has to be manually reset when tripped. The low pressure setting is set at 40. The high pressure setting is set at 60.

WARNING: The pump system will have to be able to maintain over 30 psi during operation or the switch will trip. Settings can be adjusted. Instructions on how to adjust located in the top of the cap. Can be wired 115 or 230v. This switch will work in most water well pressure applications.
BL Part# I0016