Part Number Decription Qty
20-16372-01 Standard Range Scanner Engine 452
20-16561-01R Stand, IntelliStand (Cash Register White) for the LS4000, RoHS 300
25-62168-01R PAXAR PRINTER CABLE, for MC90xx series, RoHS 645
25-62170-01R Zebra Printer cable. RoHS 43
25-70924-03R Modem Inverter cable for the MC70, RoHS 500
25-71924-01R Cable assembly, Rugged DB-9 Male, For the VC5000, RoHS 720
25-85986-01R Cable Assembly, Data, Long, for the RS309 / Titan II, RoHS 85
25-91512-01R Printer Cable - SymbolMC3000 to an O’Neil MF2T Printer, RoHS 248
25-94225-01R CBL ASSY:RS232 PICK-N-PAY 9FTCOIL, RoHS 113
20-88462-01R Stand Assembly (Twilight Black) for the LS34XX, RoHS 36
21-35129-03 Holder Assembly (Nylon) for Forklift-Mounted Scanners 29
25-11497-02 Interface Cable for LS 9100 Scanners, 12 ft. Requires Synapse Cable 113
25-13228-02R Cable Assembly, TXD, P2 with Trigger and Beeper, RoHS 1463
25-19371-01 Antenna Cable Extender (6 ft., 2dB Loss) 105
25-61686-01R ActiveSync Developers Cable (RS-485-RJ45 to USB). RoHS 109
BL Part# P0033