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Tiernan TDR777 professional MPEG-2 DVB IRD. The TDR777 is a DVB-compliant, stand-alone, professional television broadcast MPEG-2 Integrated Receiver/Decoder (IRD).

Applications for the TDR777 IRD include business television networks, distance learning, teleconferencing, broadcast monitoring, DSNG, and cable head-end reception. The TDR777 receives and decodes video and audio at programmable DVB QPSK symbol rates from 2 to 30 Msps. The output includes one NTSC or PAL composite analog video, one stereo analog audio pair, and a data channel. The TDR777 is simple to operate using a front panel keypad and LCD display. The display is illuminated for enhanced visibility in a wide range of operating environments. The rugged chassis is lightweight and can be configured for rack-mount as well as desktop installations. BL Part# E0061