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VisionTeq FCD-1002 forward path RF signal distribution unit. These are pulled units.

As each unit is an active device which provides 8 amplified RF outputs - These 8 outputs are segmented into two separate amplified groups of 4. The units outputs are typically wired to a cable systems optical transmitters either at the headend or in a hubsite environment. They are basically the last layer of RF inputs for all systems broadcast, and narrowcast inputs prior to optical transport

_ Modular combiner with 44 analog and/or digital signal insertion ports
_ Compact - only three rack units high
_ High isolation and excellent distortion parameters
_ Very flat frequency response ± 0.75 dB maximum
_ Includes a full set of front panel monitoring points and clearly labeled ports
_ Easily accessible passive modules through back panel of chassis

Qty 55+ Units

BL Part # F0146