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Posi-It with Posi Twist #611/16pc quick and easy. VIBRATION PROOf, HIGH TEMP, REUSABLE — When in-line connections are not needed. Posi-Twist Connectors deliver the same superior connection as Posi-Lock Connectors with a cost savings! No metal parts, 100% Nylon 66.Resistance is 80% Less than crimp connectors.

4) 20-26 awg
8) 14-24 awg
4) 10-22 awg

Unlimited Use:
Oxygen Sensors
Military Vehicles Marine Equipment
Outdoor Lighting
Car Alarms
Farm Equipment
Ceiling Fans
Car Stereos ... and much more!

Please contact us with any questions you may have at (514) 583-8849 or BL Part# A0016